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Islamic Names For Girls Letter A

April 11, 2012

Islamic Names are available to give you child beautiful and meaningful name.

Here are some Islamic Names starting with letter A.

Gender Names Meanings
Female Abroo Continence, Maidenlines, Veneration
Female Abeghina Glass, Glassmaking
Female Aatma Hear, Essence, Psyche, Soul
Female Adila Argue, Contend
Female Adhina Ministrant, Dependency
Female Azina Embellish, Decoration, Adornment
Female Azooqa Griddlecake, Bannock
Female Arpan Donation, Alms Giving
Female Aram Jan Favorite, Desired, Darling, Beloved
Female Armidah Delightfulness, Delightsome
Female Araindah Adornment, Adorn, Beautician
Female Arila Golden, Ormolu, Aureole, Blonde
Female Aroola Goldenrod, Blonde, Aureole
Female Arzoo Expectation, Hoper, Volition
Female Ara Handsome, Bonny, Bonnie
Female Arlin Parole, Covenant, Affirmation
Female Arsee Mirror
Female Aasigha Truth
Female Aasoodah Satisfied, Peaceful
Female Aasia Likelihood, Breach Of Confidence
Female Asee -Asi Physician, Medic
Female Aasta Fulcrum, Dependence, Backer
Female Asa Expectation, Hope, Expect
Female Asooda Wealthy, Moneyed, Prosperous, Satisfied
Female Asya Jetty, Plinth
Female Asrah Backer, Dependence, Framework
Female Aasiha Collocation, Beautification, Decoration
Female Asah Curative Healer, Messiah-ship
Female Ashufta Paramour, Amative, In Love
Female Ashbah As, Analogue, Analog
Female Aasha Expectation, Hankering
Female Aashra Imitate, Forge, Versify, Describe
Female Ashkara Open And Shut, Evincible
Female Ashiba As, Analogue, Analog
Female Asfi Decorous, Able
Female Asfia Impound, Classy
Female Afandi Hoary, Chaste, Bona Fides
Female Afrin Bunch Up, Hurrah, Hurray, Hooray
Female Afrida Creational
Female Aageena Mirror
Female Alf Fondle, Philander, Love
Female Aaligha Eagerness, Friend
Female Alfa Philander, Fondle, Love
Female Aansa Virgin, Maid-In-Waiting
Female Ansa Virgin, For the Love Of
Female Andria Femininity, Gynoecia
Female Aanq Acquiesce, Accede
Female Aaouna Gigantic, Al-Kabeer, Huge
Female Awaisa Unalloyed, In-corrupted, Blameless
Female Awera Morn Flash
Female Awerda Parasitic, Parasitism
Female Ainoor Moon, Moon-Light
Female Ahuya Bogy, Courser
Female Ahla Moon, Circumlunar
Female Aina Glass Block
Female Aira Venerable, Honored, Dishonorable
Female Airain Delightfulness, Reconciliation, Calm
Female Aima Leader, Guide, Antecessor
Female Abrin Jar, Flagon
Female Abla Fragile, Brittle, Brittle
Female Ablaa
Female Fragile, Brittle, Brittle
Female Aseema Malefactor, Percent, Transgressor
Female Asina Admiration, Approbation, Laud
Female Iswah Dweller, Stationary
Female Isna During, While, Duration
Female Ujala Talkative, Dawn
Female Ajrah Award, Premium, Lieu
Female Ujyala Flash, Gleam, Luster
Female Ahsifah Lastingness, Fastness
Female Ahmrin Vermillion, Purposing
Female Ahlalah New Moon
Female Akhtery Sequin, Asterisk
Female Ahmareen Vermillion, Cudbear
Female Akhla Friend, Dude, Friend
Female Izfirin Mister, Madame
Female Arfia Safety, Madame
Female Irina Peace, Peacefulness, Peaceable
Female Urida Hankering, Hankerer
Female Ariba Earnest, Mastery, Expertise
Female Arma They, Force Full
Female Arja Myrtle, Expedition, Expect
Female Areena Reconciliation, Irenic, Ironical
Female Arika Bedstead
Female Irza Chaste, Gentle, Clement
Female Azalah Nimble, Swift
Female Azlafa Guider, Conductorship
Female Azana Dissuade
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